Azulejo Bird Sculpture

By Melissa Mogollon

June 6, 2018



The Artist Style of New Old

"Fine metalwork inspired in simplicity to achieve classic perfection" The Bacardis residence art pieces are characterized by the design of sculptural elements capturing, exposing, and maximizing beauty in every detail. Contemplating the existing neoclassical style,...

Garden Immersed: Organic Screens

GARDEN IMMERSED: ORGANIC SCREENS By Melissa Mogollon GARDEN IMMERSED: ORGANIC SCREENS “Nature is our inspiration, even for hidden mechanisms for our pieces we come to nature for wisdom” - Louis Beltrán   Vibrant and expressive lilies and dahlias, their leaves and...

Azulejo Bird Sculpture

Resources from our expertsBy Melissa Mogollon   THE AZULEJO SCULPTURE   the blue-gray tanager The Blue-gray Tanager accompanies us during the breakfast hours at our atelier in Colombia. This limited edition is our metal interpretation of the azulejo [bluish in...