An architect named Luis Fernando Beltrán arrives in Colombia after completing his studies in Paris. In 1985, during a crisis in the architectural sector, he went bankrupt. After this event, a friend asks him if he knows about forged metal and this is how a family enterprise called BELT started. In BELT We are responsible every day of fulfilling dreams. We deeply believe everything is possible and this is how we have forged hundreds of dreams in the past 33 years. We will continue to forge dreams because it is what makes us happy

Luis Fernando Beltrán - Belt Atelier
Luis Fernando Beltrán Property - Belt Atelier
Louis discovers a project. Something that for the builder has been unattainable, he takes up the challenge of making it possible. This was the first project designed to measure with high quality standards, called “Entre Pinos”. Inspired by the European Art Nouveau, for more than two years Louis co-designs and manufactures more than 120 unique pieces being a milestone in the architectural expression of the moment
Transformation of the Space - Belt Atelier
Luis Fernando Beltrán Family - Belt Atelier
Today the company endures to fulfill the dreams of our sophisticated clientele with the help of Valentina and Federico; the second generation of this family business; both architects and designers.
Transformation of the Space 1 - Belt Atelier


Forging Dreams Since 1985.