May 29, 2020


You know architecture and design are done right when you walk into a room and the spacial energy feels perfect. This unique, almost indescribable feeling is created when every detail in a space is thoroughly conceived and perfectly executed using the right details, materials, textures, and colors.

The spaces created by Architect Rob Herscoe in this sophisticated residence in the shores of Naples, Florida, are an architectural jewel of contemporary architecture.


The living space we experience has the right amount of an avant-garde industrial style with a refined homey expression. The warmth of wood and calmness of light beige marble, blend perfectly with the wrought iron railing and metal pieces crafted by BELT for this project.

We especially love seeing the emotions and experiences the pieces we create are able to awaken. How incorporating a bold element like this railing can create contrasting experiences depending on the location of the observer.



Featured Pieces: Wrought Iron Railing and Handrail

Architect: Rob Herscoe, Herscoe, and Hajjar Architects

Builder: Manhattan Construction.