Disinfection Recommendations For Metal Surfaces

Jun 17, 2020

In times where the cleaning requirements of all types of surfaces have multiplied due to the worldwide coronavirus contingency, we want to summarize the cleaning recommendations  indicated for metal surfaces, since disinfection processes can be carried out without affecting the physical characteristics of our finishes in the long term.

At Belt, we have long experience in the quality of metal products, and we have carried out a  specific investigation exposing the different metals, to the most used disinfection products to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

After exposing different metal surfaces to these disinfectant products for periods of 12  hours, our experts reviewed the possible effects on the metal, finding that none of these caused changes in the texture or color of the surfaces tested.

In conclusion, we should not worry about the corrosion or deterioration of our metal surfaces when we are disinfecting an area. However, the long-term effect may vary, which is why we want to advise you with the most suitable recommendations for the proper adequate maintenance and cleaning of metal surfaces.

  • All elements should be kept clean free of deposits of dirt or dust.

  • Avoid during regular use touching the metal with hand or fingers this will minimize the oxidation process or building of spots in the surfaces.

  • Avoid scratching with sharp elements or metals of any kind.

  • Each area in a property may respond differently to the environment due to exposure, wind direction, amount of sunlight, etc. Observe and document cleaning to learn the best cleaning patterns.

As a general fact, you must consider regular cleaning of your metal surfaces depending on the metal, and then we also have brought some specific recommendations to be considered depending on the type of metal

Specific Recommendations Based on the Type of Metal

Cleaning should be at least every month with a dry soft cloth or vacuum cleaner soft brush. Bronze accents do not require any special care, all are factory clear coated.



Cleaning twice every month or less depending on the location. Wash thoroughly with low pressure running clean water (not salted, not recycled) with mild soap. Then dry with a soft cotton cloth.



Cleaning should with a dry, clean, soft cloth and it is especially recommended to use the Solarine, VIP Polish Product. For high traffic areas, it is recommended daily cleaning, and for low traffic areas, cleaning is recommended every 2-3 days.

BELT is a 35 years experienced company specialized in ornamental metalwork for the luxury market

You may expect deterioration due to everyday use, but the instructions for care and maintenance above will help to mitigate the effects on the pieces ensuring their longevity and appearance.

Finally, we want to share some facts we always share with our clients about the metal color lasting.

Metal Color Lasting

  • Depending on each particular location, weather conditions, and exposure to direct or indirect sunlight; color may fade slowly throughout the years. 

  • Repainting or refinishing may be required before the failure of paint, regularly not less than 10 to 15 years. 

  • Some colors and finishes may fade faster than others; the darker the color the slower it will fade.

  • Matte finishes have less protection to UV rays and may require earlier reprocess