Do you know the differences between brass and bronze?

Ago 27, 2020

Two similar-looking materials such as brass and bronze can be easily confused, so we want to fully explain what the differences are between these two materials and provide a clearer perspective before making a choice on either of these two.


In the first place, it is important to know that both materials are alloys of other materials, both from copper, in the case of brass, this is created from 60% copper and 40% zinc approximately. And in the case of bronze, this is made up of 88% copper alloy with 12% tin. In both cases, the percentages may vary and therefore the final characteristics of the material.

Next, we present some of the properties that each material presents

Shiny appearance

Malleable and easily deformed when cold

High thermic and electric conductivity

Corrosion resistant, making it ideal for fittings

Easy to cut and weld



Malleable and versatile

Resistance to electricity

Low ductility

Hard and highly resistant material


Now, the main differences between these two materials are the following:


Bronze is made by exposing copper to high temperatures and brass to low temperatures.

Brass will be a more malleable material and bronze will be more resistant

The brass finish will be brighter and with the bronze a darker color will be obtained.


We hope this information gives you a clearer idea about these materials and their differences. If you have questions or want personalized attention on this issue, you can write to us at

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