Harmony, rhythm and balance

Ago 31, 2020

Located in the most exclusive neighborhood in Southwest Florida, Port Royal – Naples, Gutierre’z Residence is the new work of BCB Homes. A contemporary luxury house where minimalism and elegance are in perfect balance.

BELT co-created all decorative accented metal works for this beautiful and unique custom home.

Every single piece of BELT´S creations was carefully detailed from sketches, to shop drawings, to fabrication, giving special attention and care in every detail, always keeping in mind the expressed requests of our inspired and enchante homeowner.

BELT has tailored and designed the grand staircase railings, interior and exterior balconies, a full set of exterior railings with custom heights for different areas around the building, and the driveway gates and fences. All were hand made by a team of artisans focusing on, every detail to fulfill our client`s dream.