key terms for stairs and railings

Feb 5, 2021

Are you an architect or designer looking for the most important staircases terminology?
This article will help you to understand the meaning of the most common terms used for professionals, when it comes to talking about stairs.

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 Balustrade: vertical repetitive elements of the railing with a decorative function. also pickets

Panels: ornate or simple decorative elements that fill the railing

Handrail: it is any rail that can be post-mounted or wall-mounted

Railing: stair railing, level railings, rail. also guardrail, rail

Finial: Decorative element on top of a post

Ending: Decorative element at the bottom first steps of the stair other names: bracket.

Scutcheons: a piece of metal piece installed to cover the railing anchoring plates on the floor o wall..

Gooseneck: Element that appears when connecting inclined section with an level section (height difference)

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