What is UL certification for Light Fixtures?

Jul 16, 2020

The UL certification is mainly useful to certify the safety and quality of products in general. This certification is voluntary, however, some of the standardized and common products in homes may be conditioned to always carry this certification.

Light Fixtures Certification process

The price is specific to each group of lamps that are about to be certified, once there are different aspects to consider to quote the service

It is done on-site and the process will be different if it is done for an electric or gaslight.

Only one lamp is selected for evaluation or they may be more, depending on the specific types of lights that will enter on the inspection.

In tests, lamps are opened to check the entire electrical system by making a photographic record.

Then lamps will by on a water test. It is acceptable that water enters the interior of the lamp, but not that the bulbs get wet, or the lamp gets a short circuit.

The scope of the certification process

Product Evaluation Procedures  


Visual Inspection  

Product Type Testing     

Testing Not Conducted     

Resolution of Discrepancies     

Technical Report     

Product(s) Evaluated     

Equipment Identification and Field Label Number(s)     

Conditions of Use     

Schematics and Photographs